Attention Nurses!

Are you a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student in need of APA dissertation editing?  Are you frustrated having to learn APA Style for your DNP capstone or DNP scholarly project?  On top of having to learn APA Style, are you pressed for time and in need of help with your project’s design, research methods, statistics, or qualitative analysis?  Need an APA editor who can also understand the nuances of the medical field or medical writing?  If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, worry not—you’ve come to the right place and we’re here to help.

We have vast experience in APA editing for DNP dissertations, DNP capstones, and DNP scholarly projects and can help no matter what stage you are at in your project.  If you are just beginning, we can assist in the development of your research questions, design, and methods (we have specialists in both qualitative and quantitative methods on staff); or if your project is near completion, we will work to make sure the presentation of your results is as clear and polished as possible.  And, of course, we will ensure that your DNP dissertation, DNP capstone, or DNP scholarly project is fully compliant with current APA Style guidelines, as well as your university’s formatting guidelines.

Our PhD-level APA editors have worked with many of the major DNP programs across the United States and are prepared to help your DNP project stand out so that your hard work speaks for itself!  What’s more, not only do our APA editors have experience with DNP scholarly projects, but many of our APA editors also have substantial experience in the medical field and will be able to both assist with the development of a medically oriented DNP scholarly project and to understand medical language and terminology when providing APA editing.  Moreover, if your program also requests that you develop a manuscript for publication based on the results of your DNP dissertation, DNP capstone, or DNP scholarly project, don’t panic!  We can help with that too.  In fact, we have helped many DNP students meet this requirement and prepare their research for submission to scholarly journals.  And what better way end your DNP program and to spread the important implications of your study than to submit for publication?

For more information on our APA editing services for your dissertation, capstone, or scholarly project, please see our Services page.  If you have questions about your project, please feel free to Contact Us. We’d love to help!