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APA Editing Services

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We offer the highest quality APA proofreading at an affordable price.

Peer Review

We offer APA Style editing, in-depth content editing, and peer review.

PhD Editors

Our APA editors are published scholars with advanced degrees in the social sciences.

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We accept documents 24/7 and offer Rush delivery to meet tight deadlines.


Experts in APA Editing

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Top Tier Editing is a New York-based company that offers APA editing services to students, academics, researchers, and other professionals. We are experts in APA Style and leaders in social science editing. We are committed to academic success and offer a range of APA editing services with quick turnaround times.

Are you looking to publish in North American journals? If English is not your first language, we can help!

  • Undergraduate Students

    Let us help to improve your paper or honors thesis. We offer fast turnaround times with a commitment to quality.

  • Graduate Students

    We offer dissertation, thesis, and capstone editing. Our APA editors will ensure your work is ready for your committee.

  • Academics

    Are you looking to publish? Let us help your work reach the top-tier journals!

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Top Tier Editing - APA Editing Company

Professional APA Editors

Top Tier Editing is a New York-based company that offers a range of scientific editing services. Our expertise is in the social sciences and we use the official writing style of the American Psychological Association, APA Style. As one of the only editing services to use exclusively APA Style, we are highly specialized and remain leaders in social science editing. All of our services include APA Style formatting. Our APA editors will work to improve your writing, reach your target audience, and enhance the scientific quality of your work.

Our APA Editors

We are very selective and only employ APA editors with advanced graduate degrees. Our APA editors have graduated from top institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, UC San Diego, University of Southern California (USC), Columbia University, and Fordham University. Editors are required to have a solid background in research training, including research design, statistical analysis, and report writing.

Our APA editors have published work, experience as peer-reviewers for academic journals, and familiarity with the publication process. If publishing is your goal, let us help!

APA Style

Our APA editors have rigorous training in APA 7th Edition Style. They have presented on APA Style at professional conferences and have prepared a number of workshops to train graduate and undergraduate students at universities in the Northeast and in the West. Our APA editors are frequently recruited by professors to train their students and to keep fellow professors abreast to changes in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Editing Experience

Our APA editors have experience editing papers, theses, dissertations, articles, and book chapters, especially related to the social sciences. They work regularly with undergraduate students needing assistance with papers and master’s students completing their theses. They have helped hundreds of doctoral students complete the dissertation process and publish their work. Our APA editors also regularly edit for academics seeking to publish their work.

While our editors’ expertise is in the social sciences, they also have general editing experience in a broad range of subjects, including English, film, fine arts, education, nursing, and business.

International Students & Authors

Our APA editors have extensive experience working with international students and authors. If English is not your first language, don’t worry! Our native English-speaking editors will work to help improve English language usage with great sensitivity to diverse writing styles and differing approaches to science. Learning APA Style can be particularly difficult if it is not utilized by your training program or institution abroad. We will work to ensure your writing adheres to APA Style standards.

We also advocate for training international authors in APA Style, with the greater goal of increasing access to North American journals. If you are looking to publish, our editors will help prepare your work for submission to North American journals.